Review: The Body Shop Vitamin E Gentle Facial Cleansing Wipes

Do you commit the ultimate makeup sin of not removing your makeup before going to bed? I do it… sometimes. Well, sometimes it’s because I’m just too tired (or mabuk hur hur), but many times it’s because I’m not at home and do not have access to my makeup removers.


Been wanting to try out those facial cleansing wipes for some time since it’s supposed to be really easy, just wipe your face and go to bed. So I finally tried it out, and let’s see how effective it really is!

The facial cleansing wipe that I used was:- The Body Shop, Vitamin E Gentle Facial Cleansing Wipes. It claims to be “One step cleansing and toning to remove makeup, impurities, and dull skin cells. With Vitamin E antioxidant protection. Suitable for all skin type.”

There are 25 towelettes in one pack, and at RM 25 per pack, this means that each towelette ka-ching is RM 1. Cheap or expensive? I think it’s okay for occasional usage, it’s not like I’m gonna use these wipes every day. So, does this cleansing wipe does what it claims, and would I use it every time for makeup removal?

First of all, the towelette is the size of a tissue paper. I like the size of the wipe – it is big enough for me to wipe my face. In fact, what I did was fold it twice to 1/4 its size and wipe, change side, wipe change side. The smell is not overpowering for me, even though I do not like products with fragrance.

I used one towelette to remove a full face makeup (foundation, blusher, eyeshadow, eyeliner, mascara, and lipstick) and this is the result.

It does not effectively remove eyeliner & mascara. Well, I didn’t rub too hard at that area, but it managed to remove most of the eyeshadow, and some eyeliner. The waterproof mascara stayed on. This means that this facial cleansing wipe must be used together with an eye makeup remover. Well, they didn’t claim that this will remove eye makeup…

Everything else *seemed* to have been removed. My face feels nice and soft.

So to test whether the cleansing wipe really removed all traces of makeup, I used a toner on a cotton pad and wiped my face as I normally would after cleansing.

Clean or not? Turns out that one towelette is not sufficient, because… all traces of makeup is removed only after 5 times of toning (as a test). Perhaps I should have used 2 towelettes instead? However, one towelette should be sufficient for light makeup user.

Is this facial cleansing wipe gentle as it claims to be? Well, at first my face felt nice, clean and soft but after a while, it felt a bit tight, so I had to put on some moisturizer. (- point) I actually anticipated that the facial wipe will make my face feel itchy (maybe just a bit) but it did not! (+ point) Perhaps someone can share their experience if they’ve tried it and found it to be harsh or not suitable for sensitive skin.

Would I use this product again? Sure, when I’m too lazy to do the usual cleansing ritual. But I’ll be sure to have my eye makeup remover and moisturizer in place, and I’ll definitely have to use at least 2 towelettes to remove all traces of makeup.