Portable Hair Dryers

Portable hair dryers have recently become very popular. It is not because there hasn’t always been a large demand for portable hair dryers; it is more the fact that this demand couldn’t be fulfilled properly. Even though a lot of people needed the portable hair dryers they simply wouldn’t purchase them due to the lack of power and the fact that the y simply weren’t very practical. As you might have guessed as soon as these two problems were solved it lead to status quo where the portable hair dryers have become more popular than ever.

Portable hair dryers are a must for business people who travel a lot and have to look their best at all times, they are also very convenient for people who are on the go a lot and would still like to look beautiful and not deal with frizzy hair. It can especially be a hassle dealing with the hotel hair dryers that lack both power and heat options. As mentioned earlier the quality of the portable hair dryers have changed immensely over the last couple of years and today you can actually have portable hair dryers that perform as well as the professional hair dryers.

Most of the portable hair dryers are very small and can easily fit into your luggage or bag and be transported around with you. An additional bonus that makes them very practical to use and carry around is the fact that they weigh very little. Last but not least the majority of portable hair dryers run on batteries on not an electric outlet, therefore you can use them anytime and anywhere as long as you just recharge the battery before your travels.

The majority of the new portable hair dryers have several speeds and heats you can choose between and even use the ionic technology that leaves your hair shiny instead of frizzy. So to sum the portable hair dryer up you get:

  • Functionality and practicality.
  • Small size but still a lot of power and several heat and speed functions that make it easier to create those advanced hair styles you need on special occasions.
  • Great safety and very low weight.
  • No need for wires and cables, just recharge the batteries in your portable hair dryer and you are ready to go.

Good housekeeping recently did a test of the portable hair dryers and they actually found that they worked just as well as other professional hair dryers. The two winners they found out of all the different brands and types of portable hair dryers were the Remington and the Andes portable hair dryer. The Remington however was cheaper while offering the same performance and heating options.

I will post the video of the test below so you can decide for yourselves. By now you should have gotten all the info needed to choose the perfect portable hair dryer. It makes your styling a lot easier whenever you are away from home. Hopefully you will enjoy the choice you make!