LA Celebrity Hair Stylist: Nikole Denise

Nikole Denise is one of my favorite Los Angeles, California hair stylist, and hair weaver.  I had the opportunity to work with her on a couple of photo shoots and I am a fan of her work.  Nikole has a lot of range in her work, from classy, romantic, edgy, funky, long, short, red carpet hair, you name it.  Nikole does beautiful hair. Nikole is also one of my personal hair stylists.

Nikole works with all hair types, from curly to straight, African American hair to European hair textures and everything in between.  Nikole’s work has been featured in a number of beauty, editorial and fashion spread.

Currently, Nikole is in her second season doing hair for the design experts on the E Style Network reality show: “Clean House.” If you have not seen Clean House be sure to check it out.  Clean House is helping families beset by decorating disasters straighten up their spaces.

Nikole Denise is a natural sister who sports a variety of hairstyles.  One minute she may have her hair in a blown out afro or she may wear a roller set and on occasions, Nikki might rock human hair extensions.  She prefers using Indian hair extensions. As a kid, Nikole told her mom “I am going to do hair on TV when I grow up.” It does not take long for Nikole’s clients to realize that Nikole loves the hair and it is her passion. Nikole is all about having a healthy head of hair. Even when working on photo shoots she protects the hair of the actress and models.  Nikole is not willing to sacrifice a person hair for a hairstyle.

Nikole is very much about protecting her clients hair and loves protective hairstyles.  She believes in not placing a lot of stress on her clients hairline or edges. She prefers to leave her weave clients edges out when sewing in hair extensions.  Nikki shared some healthy hair tips for human hair extension and hair weave wearers:

  • Take care of your hair under a weave
  • Be sure to wash hair weekly or bi-weekly
  • Put some sort of oil on the scalp before braiding such as Moroccan Oil or Carrot Oil.
  • Oil scalp before washing hair

Be careful not to over manipulate braided hair when wearing hair extensions.  This may cause flyaway hair to break