Is Your Makeup Safe

Finding makeup that matches your style and skin tone is hard enough. And if you’re buying the good stuff, it can definitely take a chunk out of your wallet. So you want to use every bit of our makeup if possible.

But you can’t always do that. Makeup doesn’t last forever and using old or expired cosmetics just isn’t safe. You run the risk of spreading bacteria all over your face and contracting infections.

Check the guidelines below to see if you’re using old makeup:

Liquid Foundation — Foundations with pumps shouldn’t be used for more than nine to twelve months. Bottled foundations won’t last nearly as long because each time you dip your fingers or a makeup applicator in it, you’re exposing the entire bottle to bacteria. These should be tossed out in between six and nine months.

Powder — Pressed powders, blushes and eyeshadows can last up to a year as long as you don’t see any changes in consistency and keep the makeup applicator clean with mild soap and warm water.

Mascara — Three to four months is all that mascara can last. It is especially dangerous to use old mascara because it exposes bacteria to your eyes.

Eyeliner — A pencil eyeliner can still go strong for as long as two years. Liquid eyeliner has to replace by six months. And if you get any kind of eye infection, throw out all of the eye makeup you’ve been using and start from scratch after you’ve healed.

Lipstick — These, as well as gloss, can last up to two years unless you see any changes in consistency or coloring.

If any of your makeup is older than it should be, toss it immediately. At least this gives you the chance to go out and buy more. Be sure to put Model in a Bottle finishing spray on your list to give your look lasting power.