How to Hold a Great Makeup Party

You need:

  1. A bunch of crazy makeup lovers!
  2. A treasure chest of makeup!
  3. And of course, yummy food with lots of calories for breaks in between!

The Details

Early last week, Paris, Audrey, Ringo, Karen and I attended a makeup party organized by Maybelline exclusively for us. This being the first time I’m attending a makeup party, I braved myself to go out without wearing any makeup since I was gonna have to remove all of them later anyways if I do put them on. I think I scared quite a few people on the way to the makeup party. Thank God for hugeass sunglasses ala Paris Hilton.

The time was 3 pm on a lazy Monday afternoon. While everyone else was toiling away at work, us girls were being little girls playing with mom’s makeup again. My excitement got hold of me when I first saw the makeup box. You would too if you were there! Lipsticks, mascaras, eyeshadows, foundations! You name it, it’s there. I was literally stuck to the makeup box, nobody could pull me away 😀 I mean, look at the stash!

Karen said that she didn’t really know how to put on makeup other than the usual foundation, so I offered to do her eyes. We used green palette on her (1 o’clock at the pic above) and I thought the colours made her look really good! Later I found out that she loves green eyeshadow and has a lot of them. Talk about hoarding, man. hahahhaha

Anyways, check out Karen’s eyes. I did one side and she did the other side so that she could learn how to do it. My only gripe about the makeup party was that they didn’t provide us with any brushes other than those that came together with the makeup. This is the best that I could do with the teeny weeny brushes. 🙁