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So You’re New to Hair Extensions

Last week was the premiere of this season’s America’s Next Top Model. This year, like all the rest, Tyra and show’s producers made changes to each model’s look based on what could take her modeling to the next level. For some that involved coloring or cutting their natural hair, but for many, that meant hair extensions.

Every year I watch Tyra give these young girls hair extensions and watch how some of them struggle to cope with their new looks. Some adjust beautifully and begin working their new hair extensions immediately. But others show up looking worse each week with tangled, nappy hair. I can’t help but wonder if no one sits these girls down and explains to them how to care for their new ‘dos.

America’s Next Top Model – Cycle 13Well, I can’t take it anymore. Whether you’re a new model or just new to hair extensions,  here are some quick bits of advice for first-time extension wearers:

Just say no to tight braids. Crying in the beauty chair is a sign that those braids are too tight. That’s also true if you suddenly become Asian after the stylist is done. Too tight braids can damage your hair, irritate your scalp and drive you crazy.

Avoid tangles by any means necessary. Put your hair in a loose braid and tie it up at night to avoid waking up with nappy extensions.

Do your best to avoid scratching at the braids underneath. It will just irritate your America’s Next Top Model – Cycle 13 scalp.

When you wash your hair extensions, allow the shampoo to seep down into the braid underneath. Let that sit for a bit and then rinse them thoroughly. Washing your extensions at home is just fine but you may want to have a professional do it for the most thorough job.

You may really like the way you look with hair extensions. More than one woman has gotten addicted to the full, fierce look that comes with them. When it’s time to get them redone, be sure to buy premium human hair extensions for a longer lasting look.